TLC events this week!! YAY!! (Oh yeah... And all this Kickstarter drama)

It's Sunday people!!!! A day closer til we get to see the girls on TV where they will finally fill us in on all the tour stuff and the whispers of a new album!!!  

Tomorrow afternoon they should be on HuffPost Live, then Tuesday there's a GMA announcement! I don't know about y'all but I'm BEYOND excited! Any excuse to see boo on my TV gets me all hyped!!! 

We'll be posting pics and info on here and the other social media accounts (IG, Facebook and Twitter) as it comes in. So make sure you're following everything! It's gon be a good time!

Now... On to the all the hoopla (yes I said hoopla) about the Kickstarter campaign... 

So this article was posted earlier today. It's all about TLC's new album and how it's being funded through Kickstarter. Fans can donate money to help fund the girls last album and in turn get an incentive... Like a unreleased track or VIP tickets to a show!  

I don't mind the idea at all! I personally would LOVE to be apart of making a new album happen. I'm a definite ride or die fan so... HELL YEAH! Sign me up! I would do it without all the extras! Take all my money TLC!!! Plus, there are all sorts of huge projects that are funded this way so I don't think it's that big of a deal *insert shrug*. If this is the route they want to go... I'm down.  

A lot of fans ARE NOT happy though. We don't do negativity on our page so I won't go into detail but... Trust... Some folks are NOT here for this idea...AT ALL... Which I guess I kind of get. TLC are ICONS and at first glance its kind of like...Ummm... Can't they fund they're own album. It seems like a read...BUT celebrities use Kickstarter all the time...Spike Lee, Kristen Bell, Shaquille O'Neal... the list goes on.

And think about it. As fans we're probably going to put down a ridic amount of money to see them in concert this summer and for meet and greet tickets and what not so why not put a little more down for this. Its not even that expensive. According to the article the cheapest donation starts at $5!!! 

If this really is a thing, and this is the way to get the new album, I think we should support without all the bitching. As fans we SAY we want them to keep making music but then we don't support the smaller projects that they do. Or we stream the music instead of putting up our coin for it. Of course, not everyone is going to agree with EVERYTHING the girls do...but it seems like some fans are NEVER satisfied. Then we go on social media bashing and making fun like they're some random celebrity and not our GIRLS!!! Truth is...Unless you are in the music industry, RIGHT NOW (aspiring music industry folks don't count) you have NO idea of what it takes to create an album and all the BS that goes on. We think we do...But really we don't. And until you've made your own album maybe (just maybe) you should keep assumptions to yourself. Even me...I think I know EVERYTHING in general...and really...well.. No I don't. *giggle*  (Can you tell I'm offended by all the dumb comments!!!!)

So, this is all supposed to go down and take place starting tomorrow. Make sure you support.  TLC deserve it!

If this really is the last album we want them to go out of the game on top!!!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the event announcments and the new album idea!

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