T-Boz Presents Project Next!!!

So...  I'm sure by now you've heard of Tionne's next BIG project "Project Next"!!!!

Well, she was on Good Day LA today and said the the search is still on! If you had plans on submitting a video but never did...you just got lucky!!

Go to  TbozProjectNext for information on how to submit a video. AND the rest of us who don't fit the age limit (I believe it's 18-24) can help also. Shes going to be looking for opinions and votes so be sure that you subscribe to her  TweetSecret App !!!!

I'm going to put the links on it's own pages so that you guys can go back and log on at anytime! 

All of this is SOOO exciting!!! So proud of our Boo!! 

Here is the link to the interview  in case you missed it.. 


Toya R.Comment