She's just...EVERYTHANG!!!!!

If you're a fan and following ALL of her social media accounts, I'm sure you've seen Tionne's Instagram post from tonight (if not click the link and you'll go straight to it).

This post says in perfect words why this website and the fanpages were created... We all know she's a dope performer, but really she's more than that. We all say she's an inspiration but even that is such an ordinary term for an extraordinary woman. She's...just...EVERYTHANG! She's been through SO much between her daily battles with Sickle Cell and overcoming her brain tumor. But with all of that she can still smile, laugh and be (super) silly and make time for her fans. 

On a personal note I LITERALLY give thanks for Tionne's life and continued good health everyday... and I know I speak for the ENTIRE fanpage when I say we love you Tionne and are super proud to be fans!!!!

Toya R.4 Comments