"Gift Wrapped Kiss" To Be on iTunes!


YAY! Good news, huh... Bad news is that T won't be premiering the song on iCraft Radio on Friday.  While on Twitter last night fans were asking about the song and she said that she wouldn't play the song on the radio until AFTER it goes on iTunes, "esp after what happened with Rebel Yell". And really...can we really blame her?

Now she didn't say whether or not that meant that we should be able to cop the song on Friday OR if that means we may have to wait a day or two.. I'm guessing that we will have to wait a couple of days until everything is squared away with the iTunes release. 

Either way its good with me! At least we're definitely getting a new song within the next week or so!  So be patient, kids...Its on the way!


Toya R.Comment