So...I Guess We Should Talk About This Whole "Rebel Yell" Thing

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The biggest topic of TLC news this past weekend was the unreleased song "Rebel Yell" by T featuring Lil Wayne, which she played on iCraft Radio on Friday.

The TLC Army seems to split about how we all feel about the song... Some people don't care for it but I think most people (especially the FanPage members) love it. I personally think the song is D-O-P-E!!!! Its not what most people would think of when they think of T-Boz, but if you're a fan and know her pretty well as a fan then you know that T LIVES to bring out her inner rocker chick.  And we love to hear it! Those types of songs suit her rasp well, I think. Kinda like another one of her unreleased songs "Miracles". LOOOOOVE that song. Her voice is E-VER-Y-THING in it! YESSSSSSS!!!

Another part of this "controversy" is that the song has now been uploaded to YouTube...which is not reaalllyyy what T wanted. Apparently its just a demo and she was only playing it for the fans and never meant for it to be passed around the internet. But, unfortunately, that's what happens in 2014. Folks with absolutely no chill at all get a hold of something and rush to be the first to put it on the web...*shrugs* oh well... Not really anything we can do about it. It just kinda blows cuz T said on Twitter last night that she was thinking of playing a different unreleased song on her show every now and then. But with the YouTube fiasco she's dropped that idea completely. I can't blame her. But that would have been...*insert emoji hands in the air*

What do you think of "Rebel Yell"... Please tell me ya loved it!!!! Be sure to comment below! 

*Please remember to be respectful when commenting. Not everyone is going to agree, but going in on folks because they don't agree with you is NOT an option. R-E-S-P-E-C-T... Just sayin...*


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