Welcome to TbozFanPage.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYYEEEEEE!!! Boz Babies!!!!! We got a web page ya'll!!!!! 

The admins of T-boz Fan Page on Facebook are crazy excited to bring you all the BRAND NEW TbozFanPage.com!!

This page is a perfect addition to our social media pages. It's gonna be alllllllll T, ALLLLLLL the damn time!!!!! Like, T-Boz OVERLOAD (if there is any such thing).

Please bear with us while we get everything together and perfected...There are some more features coming like a forum and a more organized photo gallery (that one will be coming soon. I just wanted to get the page up and running)! 

So come by weekly and check out what's happening with T and the Facebook fanpage! We promise to keep you up to date with the latest T-Boz  and TLC news!!! Can't wait to see how much this lil page grows! Its truly a labor of love... A love for TIonne, a love for TLC and a love for our little fanpage!!!

We really hope you guys like it! If there is anything you would like added to the website hit us up on Facebook (T-Boz Fan Page) or email us at tbozfans@gmail.com

OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! And don't forget to look out for the new TLC Christmas song dropping on Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!


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