TbozFanPage is a fan community made to support Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, 1/3 of the group TLC, the best selling female group of all time! (Now...This is a page mostly dedicated to Tionne but TLC is a HUGE part of her life and we all adore the girls... so any and everything TLC related is MORE than welcome)

Created on Facebook in January of 2013 (then Instagram later the same month and now Twitter) TbozFanPage started out just as a group of people with a love for TLC mixed with a personal connection we all feel to  Tionne. Now the social media accounts have grown to over 13,000 members total...and growing. 

Our social media accounts and this web page are dedicated to Tionne and the love and admiration we feel for her. For many she is an icon in the music industry, known for her raspy vocals and cool, "prissy-tomboy" style. For many others she is a role model of positivty, strength and over coming obstacles both personal and medical. For our fanpage she is all of that and then some. 

We run this website and the social media accounts because we love T and truly think of her as family! She's done so much for so many people that we think that those of you who are Tionne fans (not just T-boz from TLC fans...we DO consider ourselves part of he TLC Army but let's face it... We're T-Boos all day, all day) needed a place to come to stan for our girl all you want!!! It's a fanpage run from the pure love and support that we all have for her! And all of your support doesn't go unnoticed by T. She knows almost everyone who is regular to the page and we'll continue to send video and pics of y'all to her as much as possible! We want to show her that no matter what she is always loved and we are definitely her ride or dies!! For real, for real! 

Everyday we are inspired by her strength, courage and (of course) her music